The founder of our company, Chemical Eng. Dr. Mehmet Konuray started his first studies in the paint and ink sector in 1978. At that time, he continued his work under the name of “Istanbul Chemical Materials”.

Dr. Mehmet Konuray produced MK-78 Urea Formaldehyde resin bearing his initials in 1978. This was followed by Isobutylated Melamine Formaldehyde resin in 1981 under the name of MK-81.

These two products have been accepted in domestic and foreign markets with their high quality. It still continues to be preferred by the leading paint and ink manufacturers of our country and neighboring countries.

Dr. M. Konuray, his older brother, Yuk. Ins. Eng. After Teoman Konuray joined him in 1988, he accelerated his work and developed its product range by obtaining the distributorship rights of many important global raw material manufacturers. In this period, the name of the company was changed to “Konuray Kimya”. Dr. M. Konuray pioneered the teaching and promotion of epoxy and 2K polyurethane systems, which were not well known in the paint industry of our country at that time, and contributed greatly to the establishment of these high-performance systems in the paint industry. He also served as the chairman of the Chamber of Chemical Engineers for a while, and he started the “Paint Congress and Fair” study in 1995 as a first in our sector.

Konuray Kimya has closely followed the developing country conditions, sectoral developments and global trends over the years, offering different product options to the market based on customer satisfaction. By obtaining new distributorships, the product group was expanded, and thus, raw material supply was started to the construction chemicals, plastic, rubber, natural stone and lubricant industries in addition to the paint, varnish and ink sectors served.

Today, Konuray Kimya serves its valued customers from its Tuzla KOSB warehouse with its distinguished and experienced personnel who work devotedly without compromising the principles of honesty and business ethics.